Now homeless, Afghan quake survivors struggle to rebuild lives

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KUCHING, 27 June: Days after a massive earthquake toppled homes and killed more than 1000 people in eastern Afghanistan, survivors were busy salvaging belongings and trying to rebuild their homes and lives.

Citing a report by Reuters, survivors said they were trying to cope but unfortunately there was almost no aid and no help coming their way.

“Women and children are living outside among destruction, neither are there any toilets, nor anything else. There is no place for us to live,” said Meena Gul from Kalizal, a village in the hardest-hit district of Barmal, on Sunday.

Currently thousands affected by a deadly earthquake are in need of clean water and food.

They are also at risk of disease, as mentioned by an Afghan health ministry official said on Sunday, days after a U.N. agency warned of a cholera outbreak in the region.

There are at least 2,000 injured and 10,000 homes destroyed in the 6.1 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday. -TVS

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