Aidiladha celebrations in the new norm

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KUCHING, July 20: As Muslims across the globe celebrate Aidiladha, Sarawakians share their new norm celebrations, with no ‘korban’ and family visitations.

“This year we celebrate in moderation, without inviting our families over, we just celebrate with those at home.

“We don’t go out to our relatives houses, to abide by the SOPs” says Mohamad Faizal Saibi.

Despite not being able to visit their extended families, the public are grateful that they still get to celebrate with those in their homes and understood why they must keep their distance.

“Let this be a lesson for us all, as the previous Raya celebrations caused cases to surge, in addition to the fact that we also have a new variant now,” says Mohamad Faizal Saibi.

Aidiladha prayers also differ not only in looks, with the new norm items in place such as masks and check in points, but also feels different with lesser people around and no ‘korban’ to get to after the prayers.

However, the beauty of Aidiladha remains cherished and celebrated by Muslims all around the globe.

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