COVID-19: Delta, Beta, Theta and Eta Variant Cases Detected In Sarawak

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KUCHING, JULY 8: A 56-year-old man has become the first Covid-19 positive case from the Delta variant (B. 1.617.2) in Sarawak.

A statement from the Institute of Health and Community Medicine (IHCM) from Univisiti Malaysia Sarawak(UNIMAS) has confirmed this.

It says besides this variant , positive cases involving the Beta ( B.1.351) and Theta (P.3) variants had also been detected.

IHMC director Prof DrDavid Perera said the detection was the result of UNIMAS ongoing tracking and surveillancec of the SARS-COV-2 variants in the state.

“A cumulative total of 59 cases involving Variant of Concern(VOC) and the Variant of Interest(VOI) had been detected in positive cases up to 26 June.

“The Delta variant was first detected in India while the Beta was first detected in South Africa and Theta in the Philippines,” he said.

According to him, there were three other cases categorised as Import B under the same variant.

He revealed six cases had been detected from the Theta variant in Kuching, seven in Kota Samarahan and one for the Eta( B.1.525) variant. which was an import-A case.

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