This Canned “Sarawak 3-Layer Milk Tea” Tastes Exactly Like The Ones From Your Local Coffee Shops

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Many would agree that if Sarawak had a national drink, it would be the iconic Sarawak 3-Layer Milk Tea. For those who have never heard of this drink, what makes it special is it consists of layers of brown sugar (gula apong), evaporated milk, and red tea. The letter ‘C’ in “Teh C” means evaporated milk. 

“Teh C Special” or the Sarawak 3-Layer Milk Tea is one of the locals’ favourite drinks. It is also one of the must-try local beverages for tourists when they visit Sarawak. These days, one can easily find different versions of the Three-Layer Milk Tea. Nonetheless, the original recipe remains popular.

The newly launched Sarawak 3-Layer Milk Tea canned drink receives many positive responses from the locals. The brand is promoting a healthier choice of milk tea with no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colouring as nowadays people are more health-conscious. 

Growing up in Sarawak, when dining out at kopitiams or restaurants, you may have seen syrup bottles or banners with the LEAVES logo on them. Did you know, this brand is the mastermind behind the invention of the Teh C Special syrup? In fact, they are the first in the world to invent the Teh C Special syrup. Canning their drinks has recently been added to their repertoire. 

Passed down through generations, Alan Chai Ming Lun, CEO of LEAVES Food Industries Sdn Bhd, born and raised in a humble household with three of his brothers, said the brand’s success was all thanks to his mother, Madam Josephine. 

What started as a worry for her children, knowing that they loved drinking soft drinks, she came up with a healthier option by making herbal tea for the whole family. 

She started her day by cooking herbal tea and went to a nearby coffee shop to sell herbal tea in the afternoon. She even drove a van all the way to Serian to sell herbal tea from door to door. Her unconditional love for her children and perseverance have led them to a successful life. Their first product was the Pat Poh herbal tea leaves hence, how LEAVES earned its name.

The Sarawak 3-Layer Milk Tea canned drink is definitely an excellent choice for when you cannot get your local milk tea fix outside, especially during this pandemic. The authentic and delicious flavours of “Teh C Special” are all in the convenience of a can.

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