No walk-ins at UNIMAS PPV

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KUCHING (JUNE 21): A viral post which had asked people to be on standby at UNIMAS vaccination centre (PPV) has been shot down by the university as the PPV does not accept walk-ins for covid-19 vaccination.

In fact, UNIMAS through a statement said, only individuals who have a vaccination appointment slot on their Mysejahtera application will be accepted.

As such, the university reminded the public that those without appointments will not be entertained.

In addition, UNIMAS would like individuals from the industrial sector to stop trying their luck.

Adding to that, UNIMAS said, various company managers have been unethical by showing up at the PPV with a letter of support in attempts to get their workers vaccinated.

It went on to say that the vaccines reserved for a specific day are only for those who have been assigned an appointment time on that same day.

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